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What can psychology teach us about handling discomfort? Our speaker Ginny Smith finds out that swearing can have a pain-reducing impact, and puts the theory to the test with an experiment on editor Matthew Warren. Ginny also becomes aware of how virtual reality could provide a welcome interruption to patients struggling with persistent discomfort.

Our guests, in order of look, are: Dr Richard Stephens, Elder Speaker in Psychology at Keele University, and Dr Sam Hughes, Research study Fellow in discomfort neuroimaging at King's College London.

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Background reading for this episode:

Handling limb discomfort utilizing virtual reality: a systematic evaluation of scientific and experimental studies, a paper by Priscilla G Wittkopf and associates, is complimentary to access thanks to our sponsors Routledge Psychology

Research pointed out in this episode consists of:

  • Swearing as a reaction to discomfort
  • Swearing as a response to pain-effect of daily swearing frequency
  • Swearing as a reaction to discomfort: Examining hypoalgesic impacts of novel “swear” words
  • Attenuation of capsaicin-induced continuous discomfort and secondary hyperalgesia throughout exposure to an immersive virtual reality environment

Both Research Digest and T he Psychologist have a lot of posts on discomfort in the archives, consisting of:

Encouraging self-compassion might help people with persistent discomfort lead more active, happier lives

Super altruists (who have actually contributed a kidney to a stranger) show increased empathic brain activity when experiencing strangers in pain

Females who practice submissive BDSM displayed decreased empathy and an atypical neural action to other people's discomfort

What's different about the brains of the minority people who feel other individuals's physical pain?

Enjoying someone suffer extreme discomfort has a long lasting impact on the brain

Does it matter whether or not discomfort medication is branded?

Discomfort at Christmas: Ella Rhodes reports from the British Neuroscience Association's Christmas symposium

5 minutes with … Dr Harbinder Sandhu: A large trial aims to assist individuals with persistent pain taper their opioid use

The pain of youth: Line Caes and Abbie Jordan call for imagination in research study design with adolescents dealing with persistent health conditions

Big Picture: Pictures of pain: Measuring pain with illustrations

Pain– the backdrop of our lives: Ella Rhodes reports from a conference at UCL

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